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LrTag is a plugin to Adobe® Lightroom® that labels your photographs. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect objects in a photo and saves them as keywords, making your library searchable.


  • Are my images stored?
    We do not store your images unless you give us permission to use your images for improving our algorithms.
  • Which version of Lightroom® does the plugin work with?
    The plugin is designed to work with Lightroom Classic, version 5.0 and up.
  • How does keyword tagging differ from what is available in Lightroom CC?
    LrTag doesn't require your photographs to be stored in the cloud. Once tagged, the keywords are stored in your local catalog, no matter how many images you have.
  • How many different keywords are available?
    The plugin can identify over 10,000 objects and scenes. The algorithms are constantly improved, and the range of keywords we are able to identify is expanding every day.
  • Can I use the plugin offline?
    No, the plugin requires an internet connection to work correctly.
  • Does the plugin work with videos?
    At this time the plugin only works with images.
  • I have a large catalogue of images I would like to make searchable, but monthly limits prohibit me from classifying them.
    We enable you to purchase one time blocks of tags that don't expire. Those can be used to classify large collections of images, while the monthly plan will ensure your collection remains searchable as you add to your collection.

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